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Careers / Learners/ Health Professional Learners

Health Professional Learners

St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton (SJHH) gives priority to clinical placements for health sciences' learners registered with the Faculty of Health Sciences, McMaster University and Mohawk College of Applied Arts and Sciences.

We will strive to accommodate learner placements wherever possible provided that:

  • The learner upholds the Mission and Values of SJHH
  • The learner and external faculty (if applicable) follow the policies and procedures of the Hospital
  • The learner must be supervised by a SJHH staff person or medical staff member, or a supervisor provided by the partner learner institution
  • The learner placement will not compromise patient/client care
  • The learner placement can be accommodated by present budget and staffing levels
  • SJHH reserves the right to:
    1. participate in the selection of learners for placement
    2. suspend (dismiss) any student whose conduct jeopardizes the well being of patients/clients or staff

If you are a staff member considering accepting a learner, or you have already accepted a learner, please click here.

Required Documentation

Please refer to the Student Document Checklist, to assist you in providing your required information.


Our electronic documentation system is called Dovetale. After you complete this form, we will connect with you if you need to complete the training to meet your placement requirements. If we don’t have this information at least 6 weeks ahead of your placement, or if you do not attend and complete the training you will not be able to complete your placement experience placement at SJHH.  
Research learners who will not have patient contact or will not document in patient files may be exempt from this requirement.

Download the Dovetale Learner Registration here.


To be completed by student and submitted to SJHH Placement Coordinator 6 weeks prior to start of placement:

Prior to starting your placement

To be completed by student prior to starting placement, and documents /proof of completion submitted to supervisor on first day of placement:

  1. N95 Respirator Fit Test Documentation (if applicable)
  2. Confidentiality Agreement

    Orientation and SJHH E-Learning

  3. Learners are required to complete the SJHH Online Healthcare Learner Orientation prior to beginning their placement at St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton. This includes an orientation quiz that must be completed prior to starting your placement.
  4. Required E Learning Modules Please sign in with GUEST ACCESS and print the screen of each of the e-learning modules when you are on the “results” or “score” page.  Bring this paperwork with you to placement so it can be recorded on the Unpaid Learner Safety and Training Compliance Report. Four courses are mandatory: 
      -WHMIS and GHS OHS-004
      -AODA Customer Service Standards and Accessibility EOD_Access002v2
      -Employee Health and Safety Awareness Training OHS-WRKR003
      -Prevention of Violence in the Workplace OHS-003v3 (clickable links)

After you start your placement

Learners are required to complete the Unpaid Leaner Safety and Training Compliance Record with their SJHH Placement Supervisor within first 5 days of placement.  The record needs to be signed by the supervisor’s manager and submitted to Academic Placement coordinator:

Learner Evaluation

Please take a few moments at the end of your placement to complete our online learner evaluation. The information you provide is completely confidential and your feedback will help us to understand what we are doing well and identify areas for improvement.

Online Learner Evaluation