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Careers / Learners/ How to Prepare for a Placement

How to Prepare for a Placement

If you are currently not approved for a placement click here

Before your placement begins:

                    Quick link from the handbook:

    • Go to the specific leaner page for detailed instructions and deadlines.


  • Complete and keep a personal record of all relevant prerequisite items outlined in the Learner Handbook prior to the placement start date. Provide copies to the right contact by the deadline as outlined on the specific learner page.
    • Note: it is recommended that you review this handbook and begin preparations for your placement 6-8 weeks prior (if possible) to prevent a delay in the start of your placement.
    • If any of these requirements are not met it will delay the start of your placement.

During your placement:

  • Review the Learner: Welcome Guide
  • Access key safety resources:
    • On each computer desktop there is an MSDS link (to access WHMIS information)
    • MyStJoes Intranet site – to access policies and procedures