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Recognizing Excellence

We want St. Joe’s employees to know they are respected and appreciated for the significant contributions they make to our organization and hospital community. We are proud to hold several special events throughout the year to properly acknowledge, honour and demonstrate our deep appreciation to the extraordinary employees and volunteers so deserving of our praise.

These events serve to highlight and recognize the remarkable commitment and dedication of these skilled and valued individuals. Please see how at Job Seekers > Recognizing Excellence.

Recognizing Everyday Excellence

Are you a St. Joe's Miracle Worker?

More than 80% of the gifts our charitable Foundation receive are from grateful patients and their family members.  The primary reason why those donors say they are making a gift is because they are thankful for the care they received at St. Joe’s. That’s why our Foundation established the St. Joe’s Miracle Worker Program.  This innovative program allows donors to say “thank you” to their very own St. Joe’s Miracle Worker. It also offers our staff the chance to learn how much they have touched the lives of the patients they serve, and how deeply their compassionate, professional care is valued by our community.

Since the Foundation began the Grateful Patient program, over 150 staff and 21 care teams have been nominated and received their “wings” – the St. Joe’s Miracle Worker pin!

During the presentation of these pins, it is touching to see that this heartfelt feedback means a great deal to hospital staff. For more information about this program or if you want to display Grateful Patient brochures in your area of the Hospital, please contact Laura Volpe, Annual Giving Officer at extension 35979 or

For a full list of our Miracle Workers, visit the Foundation website at