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Careers / Volunteer/ What Do Volunteers Do?

What Do Volunteers Do?

The primary goal of our volunteer program is to provide comfort to patients and their families. There are several ways volunteers assist us in reaching this goal.

Ambassador & Way Finding Support – Patients and visitors appreciate the support of our volunteers at various entrances and in a variety of clinics. These volunteers assist with:

  • Directional supports and escorting patients and their families around the hospital.
  • Providing instructions, reassurance, and navigational support at the entrances to clinics and programs.

In-Patient Support – Volunteers work directly with patients on various units to provide support and assistance including:

  • One-on-one visits
  • Meal time assistance (meal tray set up and menu completion)
  • Activity programs – Bingo, Music, Crafts
  • Working with Seniors to reduce delirium and depression

Out-Patient Support – Volunteers work directly with patients in various programs or clinics to provide support and assistance including:

  • Patient Comfort Measures
  • Surgical Settings

Specialty Services and Programs – Volunteers support the day-to-day operations of a variety of specialty programs and services:

  • Retail (Gift Shop, Convenient Store, Nevada Ticket Sales, Twice as Nice, Book Nook)
  • Knitting/Quilting (Can be done from home)
  • Music Program (in-unit and/or main lobby)
  • Multitasking Volunteers

Research – Volunteer positions in the research areas are generally not posted. You are advised to review the various St. Joseph's research area websites of interest and then contact them directly. Under Faculty or Members, the Principal Investigator (PI) is usually listed. You would then contact the Principal Investigator (call or e-mail) expressing your interest in being a volunteer. Please note that if you are successful in obtaining a research volunteer position at St. Joseph’s Healthcare you must register through the volunteer office.

Please be patient with us as evening and weekend volunteer shifts are limited. As a result, receiving an assignment during these highly requested times may take longer. Please be advised that volunteer positions vary by campus.