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Clinical Information Systems

Who we are

Clinical Information systems collect, store and manipulate clinical information and make the right information available for optimum healthcare delivery and decision making.

What we do

St. Joe's has a variety of clinical information systems supporting patient care documentation; order entry and consolidated views of lab, diagnostic imaging and transcribed reports, ECG trending and PACs images.

Below you will see a background on selected applications with a brief tutorial. For further clinical information system support please call Helpdesk at 905-522-1155 Ext. 33040.

Additional Resources

Provider Portal

Clinicians are provided access  to view lab results, diagnostic imaging, consultation and transcribed reports, ECG tracings, orders, medications, allergies, radiologic digital images and PatientLink ambulatory care summaries in the provider portal. The following Link will direct you to a brief tutorial showing you how to navigate Provider Portal. For further support please call Helpdesk at Ext. 33040.

Digital Order Sets (EntryPoint)

Digital Order Sets are standardized orders that are designed based on best-practice guidelines. Digital Order sets enhance patient safety and timeliness of care through best practices and through improved legibility. Please review the following video to learn how to use the Digital Order Set application called EntryPoint.

To download the script of this video click here.

For further support please call Helpdesk at  Ext. 33040, or go to room Charlton G507 OR West 5th C305 [photo ID is required]

Questions? Email: 

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If you use Digital Order Sets (EntryPoint) at St. Joe's West 5th Campus please review the following video:


Please review the following video during a Digital Order Sets (EntryPoint) downtime and you want access to the printed order sets:

Patient Document Management (PDM)

Starting September 2015 the Patient Document Management (PDM) project will implement an electronic solution to archive all forms of paper and electronic patient health record documents. The PDM system will provide Health Care Providers with timely access to an electronic patient health record. Patient records will be viewable in the ChartMax application through Provider Portal and Clinical Connect. In addition, physicians will be able to view a list of deficiencies assigned to them and complete the deficiency online within the PDM system. Please review the following video to learn how to use the Patient Document Management system. 

For further support please call Helpdesk at Ext. 33040

 IntelliSpace ECG (iECG)

iECG is an electrocardiogram application that is used by physicians to view and confirm ECGs. Please review the following video to learn how to use the iECG system. Please review the video to learn how to use the iEGG application.