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Employee Wellness Program

At St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton we are committed to creating a healthy workplace where the well-being of our employees is paramount. We recognize this commitment to a healthy workplace helps drive our ultimate goals of delivering compassionate care and achieving excellence in healthcare.

We understand the value of helping our staff improve their health and well-being and towards that end we are dedicated to developing a Wellness Culture within the St. Joe’s community.

Our Wellness strategy and programming is aimed at reducing stress, building health awareness and improving the overall quality of life of our employee community. As we continuously invest in ways to facilitate work/life balance we are committed to developing a program that inspires employees to take care of themselves.

Through mind, body, and spirit, the Employee Wellness Program promotes a healthy, inspired work culture including:

  • Weekly group fitness classes (e.g., yoga, boot camp, Zumba, spinning, cardio kickbox)
  • Weekly Mindfulness Communities of Practice
  • Running/Walking club 
  • Monthly seminar and workshops to promote personal and professional well-being
  • Monthly communication updates and initiatives that support inspiration at work

Resources and schedules can be found on the internal intranet, MyStJoes > Employee Wellness page, by contacting or by downloading the Employee Wellness program brochure, here.

Access Mindfulness Recordings:

Wellness at St. Joe's

This program is supported by TD Home and Auto Insurance.