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Careers / Staff

Employee Resources

As an organization we place a high degree of importance on our people as we recognize that our dedicated team of staff, physicians and volunteers are responsible for building the tradition of excellence in healthcare that St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton is renowned for.

We are constantly striving to improve upon fostering a positive work environment and facilitating a healthy work/life balance and want to ensure our employees have all the support, tools and resources they require to be happy and successful in their roles at St. Joe’s.

At St. Joe's we also recognize that supporting the growth and development of our employees is vital in helping them be as successful as possible in their current role and in preparing them for exciting growth opportunities.

St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton offers a comprehensive range of support services, resources, and information designed to ensure that our employees are safe, healthy, appreciated and equipped to develop and succeed. Read on to see the full range of tools and support services offered to our valued employees at St. Joe's.