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Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

How soon after becoming a volunteer can I receive a Letter of Verification?

Upon request, letters of verification that include dates of volunteering, role and hours completed, will be provided after successfully completing the minimum 75 hour commitment .


Can I utilize my volunteer hours toward a post-secondary course placement credit? (ie. Life Sciences, Aging & Society etc.)

Completing volunteer hours for a course requirement would be defined as a learner placement. You would need to seek out a preceptor at St. Joseph’s. From there you would then be onboarded as a learner. For more information regarding a learner placement, please go to

My friend and I would like to volunteer together. Is this possible?

We appreciate that volunteering with a friend is a fun thing to do, however we cannot guarantee that you will be placed on the same shift or scheduled for the same area.


Is there a volunteer uniform?

All volunteers are required to wear a volunteer uniform while on duty (some exceptions). Uniforms must be purchased prior to your first shift. The cost varies between $20-$30.

Do I require a police check?

Police checks are required for various volunteer placements. It is recommended that one wait until the interview when the coordinator will provide additional instructions and a signed letter allowing the volunteer to have the vulnerable sector screening completed at a reduced cost.


Am I entitled to free parking?

Yes, registered St. Joe’s volunteers will receive complimentary access to parking during their allocated volunteer shift.

Would I be able to use St. Joe’s as a reference when applying for Medical or Graduate school?

Character Reference Letters for employment, scholarships/grants, medical schools or graduate schools require more detailed personal information.  As a result these requests require that you be an active volunteer and have reached 150 consecutive hours. Please note that reaching the 150 hour requirement does not automatically mean a letter will be provided. These letters will be given based on the Coordinator’s discretion.

Does volunteering lead to employment at St. Joe’s?

Volunteering does not lead to employment. However, it may provide you with experience or exposure that will later assist in finding employment.

Pre-Placement Communicable Disease Screening

Do I require a TB test?

If you have been selected for a placement, then yes, you will be required to show proof of your immunizations and have a 2 step TB test completed. Instructions on how to meet the requirements of the hospital and receive clearance will be provided at the interview along with the form.

Who can complete this form?
  • Your family doctor
  • Walk-in clinic – if you don't have a family doctor
  • Student/Campus Health Office if you are a post secondary school student
How much will it cost to complete this form?

Please discuss this with your health care provider prior to completion of the form. Costs may vary.

I’ve had Chicken Pox/Shingles before, do I need to have the Varicella vaccine

Yes, health care providers can no longer verify a history or diagnosis. You are required to receive the 2 Varicella vaccinations  28 days apart, or provide lab proof identifying immunity.

I have had one Varicella vaccination, can I start volunteering before I receive the second one?

Both vaccinations are required before volunteering.

Once I have submitted my form, when can I start volunteering?

Once your form is reviewed and approved by the Occupational Health & Safety Services office we will contact you.

Can I access a copy of my form in the future?

Your form is not retained by the hospital. Please keep a copy for your records.