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What Do Volunteers Do?

The primary goal of our volunteer program is to provide comfort to patients and their families. There are several ways volunteers assist us in reaching this goal. Volunteer roles are structured and organized into several unique categories.

Patient Experience - Volunteers work with patients and their families. These roles require a high degree of emotional intelligence as the nature of the support is often one-to-one. Volunteers should be comfortable interacting with family/patients in a hospital environment, and have the ability to anticipate needs. Strong ability to emphasize and be compassionate is needed in this role. For more information click here.

Patient Relations – Roles in this category are predominantly public facing including greeting patients and visitors to the hospital, assisting with way finding, providing information and direction. Volunteers in this role are often the first point of contact for patients and visitors and as such require strong people skills. For more information click here.

Peer Engagement – In this unique category, volunteers will share and provide supports based on lived or personal experience. Volunteers may work individually with clients or in group settings. Volunteers in this role understand the value of experience and offer support and encouragement on the road to recovery. For more information click here.

Recreation - Volunteers provide patient support while they engage in recreation/leisure activities. The activities may include physical, technical and/or relational support depending on the program. Volunteers must possess great communication/listening abilities, as continual interaction with patients and staff are a primary aspect of this family. For more information click here.

Retail - This job family has a customer driven focus and assists with revenue generating initiatives of the hospital. This role engages in welcoming visitors, stocking, assisting customers with purchases and inquires, as well as other shop support. The retail locations also act as a guide and getaway for many visitors as the shops are in high volume areas. For more information click here.

Program Support – Volunteers in this family provide program support to staff. Volunteers may assists with phone calls, organizing/compiling documents, collecting appropriate information and posting relevant material. This role requires comfort in social situations, utilizing great communication skills, phone/email etiquette and possesses an overall professional demeanor. For more information click here.