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Careers / Volunteer/ Why Volunteer at St. Joseph's?

Why Volunteer at St. Joseph's?

Volunteering a few hours a week can make a meaningful difference - For patients, visitors, and you!

Our goal is to provide the best opportunities for volunteers to support and enhance the patient experience at St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton. Our volunteers embody our mission, vision and values.

Our Mission – Living the Legacy: Compassionate Care. Faith. Discovery.

Our Vision – On behalf of those we are privileged to serve, we will deliver an integrated, high quality care experience, pursue and share knowledge, and respect our rich diversity, always remaining faithful to our Roman Catholic values and traditions.

Our Values – Dignity, Respect, Service, Justice, Responsibility, Enquiry.

There are many different reasons why volunteers choose St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton to do their volunteer work. For some, it’s an opportunity to build a resume, gain skills and experience. For others, it may be an opportunity to stay connected or stay physically and mentally fit or healthy.

Join St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton and learn how your service can make a meaningful difference to patients and families throughout our community.

In addition, volunteers have access to free parking while volunteering, corporate discounts, and wellness programs.