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How to Prepare for a Placement

If you are currently not approved for a placement, click here.

What you need to know about COVID-19 as a learner at St. Joe’s

Mandatory Disclosure of Vaccination Status

The health and safety of our workforce and patients is paramount as we continue to confront the challenges COVID has imposed. Vaccination is critical to protecting our patients and one another. We continue to strongly encourage all learners to get vaccinated.

Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health issued a directive mandating hospitals and home and community care service providers to have a COVID-19 vaccination program for employees, staff, contractors, students and volunteers. The Chief Medical Officer of Health was clear that this directive sets a minimum standard. Our vaccination program requires learners to provide proof of one of two things:

  • ·Full vaccination against COVID-19; or
  • ·A medical reason for not being vaccinated against COVID-19

Individuals who are not fully vaccinated against COVID-19 will be required to undertake regular testing.

In order for us to move forward with the development of our mandatory vaccination program at St. Joe’s, we require all learners to declare their vaccination status with Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) before the start of placement. Our mandatory vaccination program will require all learners to be fully vaccinated or be subject to the provincial directive of regular testing.

All learners must complete an attestation form AND submit their vaccination receipts before the start of the placement.

If your placement has already started, you must complete an attestation form and submit their vaccination receipts immediately.

Please closely read the following attestation instructions:

  • Those who have already submitted their vaccination receipts do not need to submit them again.
  • Those who have completed the attestation do not need to attest again.
  • Those who have completed the attestation, but have not submitted their vaccination receipts, must submit them to immediately.
  • If your initial attestation has changed (i.e. you selected “I am partially vaccinated” and have received a second dose), please complete the attestation again.
  • If you do not submit proof of your two vaccination receipts before your placement starts, you will be required to complete regular panbio testing twice weekly, every Monday and Thursday. Testing is required beginning Sept. 20th. Reporting of testing results must be uploaded via an app to Occupational Health.

Those who are unable to be vaccinated due to medical or human rights reasons will be required to provide proof from their school’s Health Screening Office. Please email to notify us that you have an exemption. The VP Education Office will connect with those who have stated they have an exemption.

Our vaccination program will take into account the provincial directive noted above and may also include mandating full vaccination for all new learners without the option for testing.

How to complete the COVID-19 Vaccination Status Attestation Form

Please click here to submit your vaccination status from the below options.

  • I am fully vaccinated
  • I am partially vaccinated
  • My medical history precludes me from getting the vaccine
  • I have chosen not to receive the vaccine at this time

You will be required to sign into the screening tool to access the form. You must use your St. Joseph’s username and password. When asked to select your manager or supervisor, you must select the first option on the list: “0. Resident, Learner”.

It is no longer an option to defer or decline to declare your vaccination status.

The attestation form can also be accessed in one of the following ways:

  1. Digital screening tool: a notification will pop-up when you sign in
  2. Print copies: available at all HCW entrances at the Charlton, West 5th and King Campuses, along with locked boxes where completed forms can be submitted.
  3. QR Code: available on posters across the hospital

In addition to competing the attestation, please submit your vaccination receipts to immediately with special subject line “LEARNER PROOF OF VACCINATION”. If you have trouble logging in, click “forgot your password” to reset your password. The proof of vaccine can be uploaded in the “Requirements” section.

Follow these four easy steps to download your vaccination receipts:

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your health card information
  3. Select “Download and view receipts for your COVID-19 vaccinations”
  4. Save a PDF copy of each receipt

Who will have access to your vaccination status once it is shared?

All learner medical documentation shared with OHS/VP Education Office is maintained in strict confidence. This information will only be reviewed by OHS and the VP Education Office, and will not be shared with your supervisor/manager or any other St. Joe’s employees. The VP Education Office will receive a biweekly report letting them know who has submitted a response, but the report will not contain what the response was.

For questions, as always, you may contact the VP Education Office at​

Before coming onsite, if you don’t have an ID badge you can use for your placement please arrange an appointment with Security, via your placement supervisor to obtain one. When you arrive onsite, show the email confirming your security appointment at screening, and then to security to obtain your ID badge. What to Expect and How to Prepare

Digital Screening and Attestation

Aligned with the provincial reopening plan, St Joe’s is implementing an active self-screening approach for all Health Care Workers, including staff, physicians, learners, volunteers, and contracted staff.

Active self-screening is the process of answering the screening questions for each entry to a SJHH location without having to show clearance confirmation to the COVID screener. Staff who complete self-screening using the Online Screening Tool (app or web) are able to access SJHH through one of the badge only entrances.

If you do not complete the online screening tool, you must access the building using an entrance staffed by COVID Screeners.

Complete the Attestation

Before active self-screening is implemented, all St Joe’s learners, including those working on-site and remotely, must complete a digital attestation, making them accountable to only be entering the building with a negative screen (i.e. symptom and exposure free) unless going to the HCW testing centre.

The screening tool and attestation can be found in this link.

In the Leader field, all learners should select “0. Resident, Learner” as depicted below:

Charlton Campus:

  • oof Deck, Tunnel/Parking and Luke – complete online screening tool (web or app); programmable Identification badge only access; no COVID Screeners.
  • Juravinski, Fontbonne (combined HCW, patient, visitor entrances) – complete online screening tool (web or app); enter through HCW-only lane.

West 5th & King Campuses & Offsite Locations (combined HCW, patient, visitor entrances):

  • omplete online screening tool (web or app); enter through HCW only lane.

Bring a Hospital-issued Mask

Once we “go live” with active self-screening, learners are responsible for bringing a new medical mask with them when they report to work for every shift. Extra medical masks will be available at every unit/department/work area so learners can take a new one home with them so they have a fresh one the next time they arrive for their shift. Mask dispensers will also be available at the entrances/exits should new mask be required.

Learners are required to sanitize their hands and ensure they are wearing a medical mask before proceeding past the entrance. Cloth masks are not permitted. If you are without a mask, you will need to use a patient/visitor entrance and complete screening with the staff screeners.

If there are any questions, please contact

When you Arrive

If you feel unwell and do not pass the screening questions, notify your placement manager and school contact for further direction. 

here to Enter

Staff, Physician and Learner entrances at each campus (view and download a map

orking Safety During Your Placement:

  • ollow screening, hand hygiene, and use PPE as per protocols.
  • Review doffing/donning of PPE with the supervisor based on need during placement.
  • Complete the Hand Hygiene (2014) IPAC-001v3 elearning – as a guest
  • Throughout your placement follow surveillance and infection control principles. We conduct active and passive screening for COVID-19, including surveillance for symptomatic and asymptomatic patients, and healthcare workers through signage, virtual, and verbal screening at all entry points to our hospitals. IPAC principles are to be applied to all patients, all interactions, and at all times to reduce risk of transmission. 
  • Learners should not care for patients with confirmed COVID-19.
  • Follow patient screening for COVID-19 and masking requirements.
  • If caring for a patient that has symptoms of COVID-19 notify preceptor or faculty member.
  • Ensure patients that meet criteria for COVID-19 testing are placed in Enhanced Droplet Contact Precautions.

If required, provide patient factsheet/handouts for PHO “How to self-isolate” and “Self-Monitor”.

Before your placement begins:

                    Quick link from the handbook:

    • Go to the specific leaner page for detailed instructions and deadlines.


  • Complete and keep a personal record of all relevant prerequisite items outlined in the Learner Handbook prior to the placement start date. Provide copies to the right contact by the deadline as outlined on the specific learner page.
    • Note: it is recommended that you review this handbook and begin preparations for your placement 6-8 weeks prior (if possible) to prevent a delay in the start of your placement.
    • If any of these requirements are not met it will delay the start of your placement.

During your placement:

  • Review the Learner: Welcome Guide
  • Access key safety resources:
    • On each computer desktop there is an MSDS link (to access WHMIS information)
    • MyStJoes Intranet site – to access policies and procedures